Conference flyers with tear-off "free test" cards
These flyers were placed in the conference bags to introduce people to UserTesting, give them 3 free tests of UserTesting and invite them to the sponsored afterparty. The card section of the flyer was perforated so that people could tear it off, and save it for when they're back in the office.
T-Shirts that people would WANT to wear
Since these shirts were going to be for a UX conference, we thought it would be nice to do something that celebrates UX professionals with only a small focus on UserTesting (and good quality t-shirt material!). The end goal was to make a t-shirt that people would actually wear, rather than a logo slapped on the front of a shirt. These shirts were such a hit that UserTesting ordered many more for employees and other conferences.
Peek Cards
Once we developed Peek, instead of offering free tests at conferences, Peek was a natural thing to tell people about. You could order a Peek test for someone right on the conference floor. For some conferences, we spent the time to put fun "googly" eyes on the front of them to reflect the personality that Peek has online.