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Peek is a product we developed with UserTesting to help people get a glimpse into the power of UserTesting. With now over 200,000 free tests run, Peek is a consistent lead generator, increasing overall leads by 900% in the first year! This is definitely one of our favorite and most successful projects we've done as a company.
Lead Gen
OneLogin Overview Video
One of the needs we identified soon after working with OneLogin was that their product was hard to digest simply by reading content on the website. We developed this video for them to clearly communicate their brand and their value proposition to prospective customers. The video has been viewed over a quarter million times, and is a key piece in telling their story.
SaaS Tsunami Campaign
OneLogin's product addresses a huge security problem in the industry, the proliferation of unmanaged SaaS apps being used in organizations. In this campaign, we created a video, an ebook, infographic, and checklist to help potential and current customers survive the SaaS Tsunami.
Integrated Campaign
Recruitment Video
As a fast-growing, pre-IPO startup, one of UserTesting's largest ongoing challenges is continuing to grow their team in a very competitive market. They needed a video that would help set them apart and show off their mission, culture, and game changing product to potential employees.
Industry Survey Tool
UserTesting runs a comprehensive UX industry survey each year, and we identified that the results would be exponentially more useful for a lot of customers if the survey results were interactive. We bootstrapped an interactive survey, using lots of Excel magic, and then designed and built a web app that allows customers to segment the data in the survey.
Lead Gen
RSA Party Page
OneLogin wanted to build a page that would be the comprehensive place to find parties at the 2017 RSA Conference. We worked with them to make that happen, including designing and building the web app, collecting and maintaining the party list, and promoting the page on social media. (All within about a 2-3 week time period)
Standalone App
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